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What’s going on at the Shop?

We’re changing some of the layouts in the shop for your convenience.

  • Entrance layout change





The entrance to the shop will welcome you to browse around with an array of products to get your garden growing with vigor!

  • Pebbles moved and new Specials area created


A specials area has been created to view most of our specials (on red pallets) at a very convenient and central location. These items are real bargains, not to be missed!

An upgraded seed area:

New seed area

An upgraded kids play area:





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What to do in November


Water is a precious commodity and increasingly expensive, so group plants with similar water requirements together. You can conserve moisture by applying mulch, which as an additive smothers the weed population.

Water your garden every 3 to 5 days, rather than daily – as this will encourage roots to grow deeper in search of moisture.

Fertilize your lawn with 2-3-2 or 3-2-1 fertilizer, water in dry weather and cut little off at a time more often to encourage a lush thick carpet.

Trees require more fertilizer than shrubs, and shrubs require more fertilizer than perennials. Always water well before and after fertilizing.

A light pruning of spring flowering shrubs can be done to shape them, once they have finished flowering.

Remove any dead flowers and leaves, from perennials and annuals, and apply a general fertilizer.

Watch your watering of container plants, watering them thoroughly and then allowing them to dry out before watering again. If your fuschias look limp check first that the cause may not be due to too much water rather than not enough!

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Want to breathe?

All of us need to breathe.

Trees, being one of the biggest contributors of oxygen are being cut down and removed from our homes and society at a alarming rate.

Yes, a tree planted less than 3 meters from a home foundation or pipe line can cause damage. Removing a troublesome tree might be the only option. But in most cases trees can be saved and steps taken to preserve the source of oxygen in our immediate surrounding area.

We at Tulip Garden Centre want to reduce the carbon footprint we as people are leaving on our precious planet by promoting the planting of trees.

With every tree purchased you will receive a free bag of compost 30 dm3 & 2 kg of bone meal. Just to get you started.

For this promotion please present this post to the cashier when purchasing your tree.

Terms and conditions apply.