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Tuinboukundige gesoek/ Horticulturist job opportunity

Beskrywing van die werk (English below)

Ons benodig ‘n betroubare, hardwerkende tuinboukundige met die volgende eienskappe:
* Minimum 3 jaar ondervinding in tuinbou
* Tuinbou kwalifikasie
* Goeie mense verhoudings aangesien die posisie klientediens by ‘n groot tuinsentrum behels.
* Moet plant siektes en peste kan uitken
* Bereid wees om naweke te werk
* Rekenaargeletterd

Meer inligting op aanvraag beskikbaar

Description of position

We are looking for a trust worthy, hard working Horticulturist with the following qualifications and experience:

* Minimum 3 years relevant experience in Horticulture
* Horticulture diploma
* People skills relevant to our customer orientated retail environment.
* Able to distinguish between pests and diseases affecting plants.
* Willing to work weekends.
* Computer literate

More information available on request

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What’s going on at the Shop?

We’re changing some of the layouts in the shop for your convenience.

  • Entrance layout change





The entrance to the shop will welcome you to browse around with an array of products to get your garden growing with vigor!

  • Pebbles moved and new Specials area created


A specials area has been created to view most of our specials (on red pallets) at a very convenient and central location. These items are real bargains, not to be missed!

An upgraded seed area:

New seed area

An upgraded kids play area:





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What to do in June


By now most plants in the garden are dormant, or growing very slow due
to the cold weather and short days.

This is an excellent time to transplant deciduous woody plants.

**Water the plant 3 days before moving it. Dig a hole in the new
position, loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole, mixing a generous
amount of compost and 60 grams superphosphate. When digging out plant
to be transplanted, lift the root ball carefully with much soil
“intact”, using a hessian sack.

Back fill around the root ball, firming the soil around with your
hands, until level with the surrounding soil. Water the replaced soil
well. Some of the plant branches can be cut back to reduce the
transpiration rate. Avoid over watering.**

Now is also the time for “formative pruning”. It is imperative to
prune Spirea and Camellia Japonica to increase flowering.

Lift and divide perennials if not already done. Plant frost hardy
woody shrubs and perennials.

Carry out maintenance on your pond. Re-pot waterlilies if necessary.
Clear the pond of debris lying at the bottom, preferably without
removing the water.

Water new plantings once per week, mature plantings once per months.

Other plants requiring regular watering during winter are :
camellias, magnolias, azaleas and proteas

To ensure maximum flowering.

Feed winter annuals with 2-3-2 or 3-1-5. Avoid over watering
indigenous winter flowering annuals i.e. African Daisies and
Livingstone Daisies (Bokbaaivygies) as they become prone to fungal

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Want to breathe?

All of us need to breathe.

Trees, being one of the biggest contributors of oxygen are being cut down and removed from our homes and society at a alarming rate.

Yes, a tree planted less than 3 meters from a home foundation or pipe line can cause damage. Removing a troublesome tree might be the only option. But in most cases trees can be saved and steps taken to preserve the source of oxygen in our immediate surrounding area.

We at Tulip Garden Centre want to reduce the carbon footprint we as people are leaving on our precious planet by promoting the planting of trees.

With every tree purchased you will receive a free bag of compost 30 dm3 & 2 kg of bone meal. Just to get you started.

For this promotion please present this post to the cashier when purchasing your tree.

Terms and conditions apply.