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Weekend Special

TODAY ONLY 27 April 2018! Pony rides for the Kids from 12am-2pm,
WEEKEND SPECIAL 27 April-1May 2018. Seedlings R24.90 per tray, Viburnum 17cm R39.90, Lavenders R29.90 each @Tulip Garden Centre

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What’s going on at the Shop?

We’re changing some of the layouts in the shop for your convenience.

  • Entrance layout change





The entrance to the shop will welcome you to browse around with an array of products to get your garden growing with vigor!

  • Pebbles moved and new Specials area created


A specials area has been created to view most of our specials (on red pallets) at a very convenient and central location. These items are real bargains, not to be missed!

An upgraded seed area:

New seed area

An upgraded kids play area:





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What to do in August


Re-pot or top-dress container grown plants.

Scarify rhizomatous lawns (e.g. kikuyu) to remove the thatch (dead grass material).

Fertilize with 2-3-2 (22) and spread a light layer of lawn dressing evenly over the surface, and apply a light watering. First cut when leaves are 20 mm in height.

Complete pruning on summer and autumn flowering shrubs. Remove any dead branches on ornamental trees.

Fertilize winter flowering annuals with a fertilizer high in potassium e.g. 2-3-2 (22) to prolong flowering and dead-head the annuals to ensure they keep producing blooms.

Start fertilizing perennials and increase frequency of irrigation as temperatures start warming.

Dead-head the flowers of bulbs which have finished flowering and fertilize every 2 weeks with 3-1-5 (26). Leave the foliage to die down naturally.

Towards the later part of the month plant summer flowering bulbs e.g. Amaryllis, Nerines, Galtonia and Dahlia’s.

Summer flowering annuals may also be sown in protected areas.

Divide and re-plant herbaceous perennials.

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Want to breathe?

All of us need to breathe.

Trees, being one of the biggest contributors of oxygen are being cut down and removed from our homes and society at a alarming rate.

Yes, a tree planted less than 3 meters from a home foundation or pipe line can cause damage. Removing a troublesome tree might be the only option. But in most cases trees can be saved and steps taken to preserve the source of oxygen in our immediate surrounding area.

We at Tulip Garden Centre want to reduce the carbon footprint we as people are leaving on our precious planet by promoting the planting of trees.

With every tree purchased you will receive a free bag of compost 30 dm3 & 2 kg of bone meal. Just to get you started.

For this promotion please present this post to the cashier when purchasing your tree.

Terms and conditions apply.