Lemon Tree 20L (Eureka)

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Eureka lemons, botanically classified as Citrus limon, are an acidic variety belonging to the Rutaceae family. The bright yellow fruits grow on evergreen trees that can reach 4 to 6 meters in height and were developed in Los Angeles in the mid-19th century from Italian lemon varieties. Eureka lemons are highly valued for their aromatic, oily rind, balanced sweet and sharp flavor, and consistency in size and appearance. The variety is often nicknamed the Four-Seasons Lemon by California growers as the trees will bear multiple crops year-round and have a thicker peel, allowing the fruits to be shipped long distances without damage. In the modern-day, Eureka lemons are one of two leading lemon varieties commercially cultivated. The lemons are versatile, used by chefs and home cooks in culinary preparations, and mixologists in various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

These evergreen trees bare fruit all year round, love full sun and should be watered every 3 weeks from August to March.

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