Lotus Berthelotti 15cm (Parrot’s Beak)

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Lotus berthelotii is an evergreen, trailing perennial that has slender branches covered in fine, silvery-grey, needle-like leaves. Its ‘carpet like’ habit makes it the perfect groundcover in a garden.

This Lotus can grow to a height of 20cm and needs to be planted in a sunny spot .It loves a well-drained composted soil, avoid soggy, clogged up soils which can lead to a very unhappy plant and root rot. They are remarkably forgiving plants and will be quiet content to only receive water when the soil is dry!

Ideal for hanging baskets!

Lotus is extremely drought and heat tolerant and I have witnessed them personally in a coastal “holiday garden” where they only get annual attention, yet look beautiful.

Parrot’s Beak do not like long periods of rainfall as it can cause their foliage to drop however do not panic if this happens , if they have been planted in a well drained soil the water will soon dissipate and allow the plant to recover and dry out.

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