Tecoma Capensis 17cm (Cape Honey Suckle)

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Cape honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis) is a rambling broadleaf evergreen shrub, native to South Africa, often grown in warm climates as a flowering shrub or liana, where its blazing orange hues provide winter color and sweet nectar attract hummingbirds. Common name aside, this is not a true honeysuckle (Linicera spp.), but rather a close relative of trumpet creeper, belonging to the same Bignoniaceae family. This easy-to-grow plant has pinnately compound leaves with five to nine diamond-shaped leaflets. As a shrub, it grows up to 10 feet tall, but it can also ramble as a climbing vine as much as 30 feet or more. From fall to spring, it produces clusters of trumpet-shaped yellow, apricot, red, or orange flowers.

Cape honeysuckle is a fast-grower that can grow anywhere from 13- to 25-inches tall in its first year after a successful spring planting.

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