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Phone: 0116832358
Fax: 0116837405
243 Rifle Range road
Johannesburg South
South Africa

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good day
    Stone Group Enterprise, would like to quote the following items:
    1.Compost in bag (30dm3)
    2. Well-treated potting soil which free from weed (cubic meter)
    3. Time release water (sachets /quarts 941 ml)
    4. Free stakes ( 2.5in height and diameter is 30mm or greater than)
    5. Heavy duty tree ties (100 in pack)
    6. shrubs

    1. Good day

      Thank you for your message. Please send future enquiries to as this system is not monitored regularly. Please advise what shrubs you require a quote on please. Also note we only supply soil in bags due to weed issues with bulk soil.

      Tulip Team

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