Pear Tree 20L (Clapps Favourate)

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Clapp’s Favorite pear, botanically classified as Pyrus communis, grows on an upright tree that can reach up to four meters in height and are members of the Rosaceae family along with apples and peaches. Originally from Massachusetts, Clapp’s Favorite pear is an old American variety that has been compared to the Bartlett pear as it ripens about two weeks before and appears similar in shape. Clapp’s Favorite pear is not commercially cultivated because it has a very short shelf life. It should be picked before ripening to avoid core rot and will only last for a couple of days after harvest. Even though it has a short shelf life, Clapp’s Favorite pears are considered by home gardeners to be one of the best fresh eating pears for its delicate texture and juicy consistency.

Hardened, deciduous tree that loves full sun although it does not need hot weather to produce fruit. Fruit typically ripens early January and need cross pollination from preferably Beurre Bosc.

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