Lampranthus 25cm Hanging Basket

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Lampranthus is a large group of succulents with very attractive daisy-like flowers in early summer. There are over 100 species and they all come from Southern Africa. Lampranthus plants are all perennial, and can be grown as small shrubs, ground cover or trailing plants. They have vivid, sometimes iridescent flowers in shades of pink to purple; and more rarely in orange or red.They like sunny conditions and in most species, the flowers open in the sun.

Lampranthus plants are tolerant of short periods of frost to -7°C and can be seen growing in the open all year round in the warmer parts of the UK such as the South West and the Isle of Wight. They make good pot subjects for colder gardens, to be brought under cover in deepest winter. The best known is Lampranthus multiradiatus, sometimes called the Ice Plant. It has flowers in shades of pink to purple and forms a small shrublet.

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